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Deryck "Sven" Whibley's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Deryck "Sven" Whibley

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[27 Jul 2003|11:33pm]
I am alive, I swear. Sum41 are off Warped as of now. Whoo time to go home to my own bed. Update of more substance to come later. OH AND BEFORE I FORGET, HELLO LACEY! I heard you are single. You should hook up with me and be my punkrock princess because I am the sexiest Canadian around.
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sup lyke whoa [25 Jul 2003|03:14pm]
[ mood | awake ]

This Warped thingy is insane. I have had so much sex on this tour it isn't even funny. Well it is funny. There are so many chicks that put out. Its great not having to ask for anything its just there. Because I am a hot Canadian. YOU HEAR THAT SEB! I am hotter than Seb. Seb has a shriveled up penis and he is wicked gay. I on the other hand am a straight cordial gentleman that has a great attitude and loves sex. I wonder where Brittany Murphy ran off to. I need some Brittany sex... Ummm there is not much else to update about. Except I am hotter than Seb because..Because I just am. I probably get more sex than he will ever see in his entire life hahaha.

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sup [18 Jul 2003|03:20pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Lace to the Izzel is a hot piece of ass. She's not giving it up though. Damn I thought she was going to be as easy as Paris was. No matter, just will take some time for me to break her down. And then break her in. Soon, soon. Can you fucking see the devil horns. She called me a sick fucker. I don't think she even knows the fucking half of it. She has not experienced the almighty "Whibley". One you go with the Whib you won't wanna turn back. Once you've had a taste of the Whib you get so fucking addicted. Yeah. lmfao. She's right on another thing, I am concieded. You know you want my penis! Admit it! Benji Madden called me a lazy piece of shit. That's a first. I am not lazy, fuck. I am just selective about what I do. So we've established the fact that Deryck is

1.A sick fuck.
2.The hottest Canadian ever. those simple plan guys have nothing on my ass
3.Concieded as hell
4.Not lazy, just selective about what he does

You all want my cock. Admit it. >:)

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and here we go [17 Jul 2003|09:28pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Well alright here we go....

Hold up, I just realized that, that intro sounded like a Good Charlotte song. Oh wow, that owns. So what the hell is going on over here on Livejournal Land? I finally decided to try my hand at this again. Its been a while, huh? I mean we've been fucking busy with Warped so I really couldn't just sit my ass down a laptop all of the time and fucking type away.

Oh holy fuck I smell hash browns...

I haven't had anything to eat since seven pm. Cone says I eat too much. Stfu hobag. I eat just fine. I eat other things too but don't get me started on that. This journal might turn into an issue of Hustler if you got me started on anything like that. Yeah the groupies are all really cool. The ones that I've met are anyways and the ones that I have yet to meet, well, we'll just see when the time comes, won't we? There has been a lot of crazy shit going on with Warped. Its been like one big fucking circus. A traveling circus. I like to give Pat a hard time too. Its fun picking on him. He's a Canadian dolt like I am. He is Simple Plan's bitch. He knows it too. LMFAO Just kidding, Patrick.

Booze, Bitches, and Badass Times

Bizzy D-

The aim is Bt0theizzay

oocCollapse )

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